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business promotional products

Business promotional products are gifts given by any company to individuals or other companies that they associate with. The ultimate aim is to generate even more business.

It’s an undeniable fact that everybody loves receiving gifts. It makes us feel loved and appreciated and every time we happen to look at or use that particular gift, our thoughts automatically go towards the person who gave us the gift.

That’s exactly what these business promotional products do. They foster goodwill, help create and spread awareness about your brand and help build lasting business bonds with your associates. All of these factors are critical to the growth and long term success of your business.

Although marketing through the Internet, radio, print and T.V has a far greater reach. Promotional products generate a greater recall, which means more ROI for you.

Savvy Marketing Can Turn
Casual Visitors into Loyal Clients

A couple of months ago a friend of mine had been stopped by a new neighbourhood shop that had just opened. He was curious and decided to briefly check it out.

As he was browsing through the aisles, the owner of the shop came up to him and asked about him and his family.

 promotional water bottle

After a brief chat, he went off and came back a few minutes later with two sports water bottles for his two young children.

The water bottles had the shop name and phone number printed on them. He was very impressed and of course when he got home, his kids were very excited.

They insisted that he took them to the shop so they could meet the kind owner and also check out the place. Soon they found themselves favouring this little shop over the larger supermarket every time they needed to buy groceries and other household items.

This shows savvy marketing on the shop owner’s part. The two water bottles would have cost him just a couple of pounds each or less and for that little investment he had gained loyal customers who spend far more than that every visit.

Making Business Promotional
Products Work for You

When looking for business promotional products, the important thing is to pick something that you believe will meet your final objective, which is to generate sales by attracting new customers and retaining your loyal customers.

There’s nothing to worry about on that score though as there is an extensive variety of business promotional products available to choose from. No matter what your niche or your budget, it is possible to find something that will meet your needs.

Here are a few things that you will want to think about:

  • Determine your objective. Do you want to convey a specific message? Do you want to extend an existing theme or do you want to educate your target audience? Identifying the purpose will make it easier to choose the most appropriate product.
  • Identify your target audience. What is the age group of the audience you are targeting? What is their average salary bracket? These are significant factors that will influence your product selection.
  • If you are targeting different categories of customers, it is a good idea to have different gifts for the different categories. Remember that whatever you choose to give away will be a huge reflection of your company. You do not want your recipient to look at the gift and say, “What am I going to do with this?” Choosing an appropriate business promotional product is crucial.
  • The most effective gift is one that has your company name, phone number and logo clearly printed on it. After all, you want your potential and existing customers to remember your company long after they’ve received the gift.
  • Establish a total budget and the quantity of products. You’ll be surprised at the wide price range of business promotional products, from a few pence per item to potentially hundreds of pounds for the premium products or executive gifts.
  • Establish the product quantity you want to distribute. Again bear in mind your target market, perhaps to achieve a slightly better quality of product it might better to reduce the quantity and spend a little more per product. Once you’ve established a marketing budget, you can work around that.
  • Look for quality business promotional products that are durable. Avoid buying cheap quality that will not last long as those defeats your marketing purpose. Remember the longer an item lasts, the more marketing value it offers your company. When your clients experience a higher quality product, they will automatically have a much better impression of your company, so make it great!
  • I believe that it is far better to gift useful items rather than items that will end up being stashed away in the bottom drawer. Do you think anybody is going to be thinking of you when they cannot see your gift? Out of sight is out of mind!
  • When do you need the products to be delivered? Think well ahead if you want to have a good choice of products and at the best price. Even if the products are from stock, you will still need to allow around 10 working days for personalisation.

Many companies will offer a smaller range of products available on an express order service. However there will usually be limiting factors, such as reduced number of print colours or printing options and there maybe additional charges involved to complete the order faster.

If you are looking for bespoke products or high volume at low cost then your products might have to be imported, in which case you need to allow anything from 12 – 16 weeks depending on the type of products.

Always try to build in a bit of a ‘cushion’ or margin for delay. There is no exact rule for this, however as I am sure you already know, jobs always seem to take longer than expected. If the supplier tells you 10 working days this means: 10 working days from when you approve the artwork proof to when the order is despatched.

Add 1 day for placing the order, 1 – 2 days for proofing the artwork, 2 days for delivery (if using a next day or overnight service, to allow for courier delays. Or add 1 or 2days to whatever service you are using). So at minimum you are already looking at 15 working days or 50% more time.

The internet can be your best friend when looking for quality business promotional products at the lowest price. Take some time and browse around and you are sure to come across plenty of ideas and options that are perfect for your business as well as your budget.

Don’t forget that we have over 16yrs experience in a wide range of promotional products and across many different sectors. So if you need further advice, help or have a question please do contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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