Great Gifts for Employees

Getting gifts for employees enables you to express your gratitude and appreciation, without putting financial strain on the company. Employee recognition is more important than ever. But in today’s economy, many employers are unable to offer regular pay rises or cash bonuses. A recent survey of 3,000 workers by Capita found that after a pay increase, being thanked or recognised for work is the most valuable incentive. 


Occasion/Seasonal employee gifts

Gifts for employees at Christmas, and on Birthdays, are proven to boost morale - by up to 75% according to a study by Staples. Here are some gift ideas by budget:


Mix and match key rings, bookmarks, notepads, coasters and more from our Eco Natural Leather range starting at £0.59 are an inexpensive choice. Our Design Wall and Desk Clock, from £2.90 has large surface to imprint your Xmas message. Alternatively, Walkers shortbread biscuit tins from £3.38 are always a firm favourite.  


Our stylish executive phone holders, from £7.38 make useful desk-top gifts for employees. A personalised Toscana wrist watch in a presentation box priced from £12.70, will show you value the time staff devote to your business. Or choose our trendy canvas messenger bags at £15.66, available in 4 different colours.


Our Galimard gift sets from £21.68, are available for ladies and gents, containing a designer fragrance and pen in a silver box. An engraved stainless steel Parker Sonnet pen and pencil set with gold trim priced from £36.39 is something even the most discerning executive will love. Our Lordswood Leather Business Case available in black or brown from £38.95 is a luxurious gift made to last a lifetime. 

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Say it with a gift and increase performance 38%

Bersin/Deloitte found that where staff recognition occurs, organisations have 14% better employee engagement, productivity and customer service.  But did you know…cash rewards are actually the least effective method of employee recognition? 

A 2003 Univ. of Chicago Study titled The Benefits of Tangible, Non-Monetary Incentives found cash rewards improve performance by 14.6%...sounds impressive right? Not when you consider that tangible gifts generated a massive 38.6% uplift.   

How can this be? 

Memorability - While employees may want cash, they end up spending it to pay bills and your gesture as an employer isn’t remembered. On the other hand, gifts for employees, whether it’s a key ring or a crystal decanter, act as a constant reminder that they are valued and appreciated. 

Emotional affects - Psychologists point out monetary incentives are processed by the left, analytical side of the brain. Whereas the right, emotional side is triggered when employees receive a gift. It’s this emotional response that makes workers feel happy, appreciated and motivated. 

Other theories - Experts also use Maslow’s hierarchy and our inherent need for belonging and status to explain this. Because physical gifts for employees have ‘trophy value’ they are regarded as a symbol of esteem and respect. A Forbes article argued that recognition at work (where we feel liked and appreciated) leads to the production of trust-hormone Oxytocin, which boosts loyalty.

Performance-related gifts

There’s lots of ways you can use employee gifts as an incentive to drive sales and productivity. Here are some suggestions:

Prizes - Leather goods, glassware and electronic items make great prizes.  An engraved watch, luxury luggage, or a crystal decanter set, are all winning suggestions from our range. Couple with our engraved glass Crescent Trophy, detailing exactly what the employee achieved.

Tokens - Mugs, key rings, pens and desktop accessories are the perfect way to give token thanks to someone who has gone that extra mile. Also use as consolation prizes in competitions, so every individual feels valued.

Bonuses – Travel and computer accessories are useful gifts for employees.  Whether they’re on the road, or in the office, the message that you value their efforts is constantly reinforced. Choose an executive briefcase, laptop bag, or luxury Sheaffer, Parker or Waterman pen.

Awards - Our Silver Star Award is something to keep forever. Engraved crystal with a silver-plated star, it is the perfect accolade, to mark outstanding accomplishments.


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