Personalized Keychains:
The Ultimate Promotional Accessory

personalized keychains

When it comes to business gifts, personalized keychains easily top the list with regards to usefulness. All clients and employees who are at the receiving end of business gift would unanimously agree that these are the most universally useful gifts that they can receive.

So what is it about key chains that have earned them this formidable reputation? The quick answer- it is one thing that almost everybody will make use of not just once, but multiple times every single day.

This means when you give somebody a personalized keychain, you can be almost certain that it will be put to use almost immediately and the sooner it gets used, the sooner your company logo will get the exposure that you are hoping for.

When you think about the things that you cannot get through the day without, one of the items on your list is sure to be keys. This applies to almost everybody.

We all need a key to open or lock our front door, another key for our vehicle, a key for our cubicle or drawer at work. Most people prefer to carry all of these keys on one keychain instead of carrying each of them separately, making keychains a very useful possession.

What Makes Personalized Keychains
Such Smart Corporate Gifts?

Besides their utilitarian value to the recipient, key chains have many attributes that make them a really smart item to use as a promotional gift.

  • They have tremendous potential for brand recall. If you happen to be carrying around a keychain with the name of a company emblazoned on it, do you think you could really just ignore it? Hardly likely. In the same way, your customers cannot help but be reminded of your brand every time they need to use a key to open or lock a door.
  • A keychain has ample space for including all the details you want to. This means you can add all the details you want to including your website URL and email address. This makes it more convenient for your potential clients to log on and learn more about the products or services you are offering.
  • Keychains are cheaper than most other corporate gifts and can fit within the tightest budget.
  • They are small and light enough to even send by mail to clients who live out of town.

A Keychain Is A Keychain
Is A Keychain... Or Is It?

If there’s one thing that keychains aren’t, it’s boring. A keychain is never just a ‘keychain’. These nifty little gadgets come in a wide assortment of styles and accessories, and you can just go to town when picking up something for the purpose of corporate gifting.

One of the most popular types of key ring is the multi-tasking type of key ring. These come attached with a variety of useful accessories from pens, nail clippers and screwdrivers to mini voice recorders. Imagine how handy it would be to own one of those.

Make Personalized Keychains Useful

I have one with a screwdriver attached to it. Being a DIY enthusiast, I just love the idea of having a screwdriver attached to my keychain. Through the day I keep coming across something or the other that needs a screw tightened and I find it frustrating when I have to go to the garage and rifle through my tool box looking for a screwdriver so I can fix it.

More often than not, I make a mental note to do it later and then just forget about it. With a screwdriver attached to my keychain, I just take it out of my pocket and tighten the screw right there. It’s over and done in a couple of minutes.

A voice recorder is another handy accessory to have attached to your keychain. Most people will usually carry their keys in their hand as they walk to and from their house or office and their car.

This is the perfect time to simply switch on the voice recorder and leave little memos to yourself about things that you need to do. Beats having to carry around a pen and paper to make ‘to-do’ lists.

Things To Think About
When Personalizing Key Chains

personalised keychain

While it is tempting to fill the entire space – and there can be quite a lot of space depending upon the design you choose, you should be careful not to overcrowd your key chain with too many words or graphics.

Just your company name or logo, your contact details and website URL should be sufficient.

Sometimes, when you create the design on paper or on your computer, it can turn out quite differently when transferred on to the key chain.

Before placing ordering a whole lot of personalized keychains, it is always a good idea to get a sample made first and only then order as many as you need only if you are satisfied with the result.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this information on personalized keychains, but if you need further advice, help or would like to ask us a question - please contact us or take a look at our other interesting pages below.

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