Personalised Keyrings for Businesses

Businesses can use personalised keyrings to make a favourable impression, increase brand visibility, and generate sales. No other branded merchandise item comes close to the keyring in terms of choice, branding and personalisation options available. You can select a basic clear plastic key fob, luxury executive silver-plated key rings, or literally design your own.

Promotional products

Personalised keyrings are an ideal promo item for use at tradeshows and events. They’re cost-effectively priced from just 24p each, available in a variety of styles to complement your brand, and are used daily for great exposure.

Executive gifts

Luxury personalised keyrings can be given as executive gifts to important clients and associates.  Stylish and sophisticated designs are available in a wide variety of premium materials, such as crystal, stainless steel, sterling silver and leather, supplied gift-boxed, with different branding options including engraving and individual personalisation such as names and commemorative dates.

Christmas presents

Giving away branded merchandise at Christmas will create a favourable impression of your company. With a useful gift like a personalised keyring, this effect lasts all year round. This gift is used every day so your name will always be in the frame.

Thank you gifts

Giving customers and clients token thank-you gifts can increase loyalty and retention. An inexpensive keyring can be worth its weight in gold, leaving the recipient with a lasting reminder of your company.

Employee recognition

A personalised keyring is an affordable employee gift which can be given to celebrate milestones or mark achievements. It can be made extra-special with individual personalisation of their name. Making a truly unique gift to show you value their contribution.

Types of keyrings

If you’re looking for wholesale keyrings that can be personalised with your business message, there’s an incredible amount of choice.  You can buy plastic key chains with picture inserts, luxury silver engraved fobs, multi-purpose pen or torch keyrings, or have a your own shape custom-made. 

With such a variety of options, the possibilities are truly endless.  Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect item.


These days keyrings can be made from a diverse array of materials including plastic, PVC, foam, metal, and leather. Metal has a much higher perceived value and will last longer, making it the preferred choice. Particularly for lower quantities, this would often be the most cost effective solution. Foam and plastic are available in a wide range of colours and can be cut into any shape, allowing innovative branding. However mold tooling for some plastic items can be very expensive and may not be suitable for low volume production. Some manufacturers are able to offer a lower cost options on simpler plastic products as they have the main product tooling and only charge for the mold used for the new logo.

Recycled keyrings

To show you’re a friend of the earth, choose a keyring made from recycled materials - our range includes key fobs made from old tyres, vending cups and plastic bottles. Our popular eco-leather range has a beautiful natural tan finish and can be cut to any shape. 


There are many ways keyrings can be branded. Picture key chains have a full colour insert, giving you a large surface area to print any message. Key fobs can be printed, stamped and filled, or laser engraved with your name and logo. If you’re buying gifts, you can also choose to have your custom message on the gift box.


We offer personalised keyrings with the option to include the recipient’s name, making an extra-special, unique gift. Individual engraving is available on our attractive Silver Star key ring, priced from just £1.24, including a luxury gift box.


Rather than a generic rectangular or circular key fob, we give you the option of a custom shape, designed to your specifications. Bespoke keyrings are available in foam, soft PVC, plastic, and metal. Our affordable custom foam embossed key fobs cost as little as 33p each. You can even have a picture key ring, made into whatever shape you wish, from just 41p.


Rather than scouring the net, it’s much easier to contact a professional promotional products supplier. When you explain your requirements and budget, they’ll be able to come up with a list of suggestions to suit your needs. We offer over 100 different personalised keyrings and that doesn’t include take into account the all the branding options. It’s much easier to just contact us directly and receive a full service.

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