Custom Keychains – A Small Package With Huge Promotional Value

Custom keychains - easy to distribute - cost effective – used by everyone who has keys

Can you remember a time when you didn’t own a keychain? I can’t. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a keychain with at least one key on it.

I got my first very own keychain along with my first bicycle.

Along the way, it held the keys of my school locker and then my gym locker. Later I added my motorbike keys to the collection.

custom keychains

Though I do not carry that keychain with me anymore, I have kept it as a memento of several memorable moments. Today, my keychain holds my house keys, my office keys and the keys to my car along with a screwdriver that came as an additional attachment.

I can honestly say that keychains are truly the ultimate accessory in our day to day life.They play a much more significant role than most other fad accessories that all of us invariably own. It is for this reason that most companies pick custom keychains as their promotional gift.

Custom Keychains Offer Endless Exposure

When most companies think about what to pick as corporate gifts, function always takes precedence over style. After all, the aim behind any such gift is to promote the business and keep the brand name foremost in the minds of customers so as to generate more sales.

Giving a stylish but impractical gift defeats the purpose. It may be used off and on for some time but will soon be kept aside and forgotten.

On the other hand, a gift that is practical is more likely to be used regularly for a longer time and the more it is used, the higher the exposure for your brand name.

In this regard, custom keychains offer endless exposure not just every time it is used but even when it is just lying around on your table.

Custom keychains are Versatile

Another reason behind the huge popularity of custom keychains is that they are versatile and can be designed to fit any theme or product line. You can choose to design your promotional keychains to make it more relevant to your line of business while also keeping in mind your client profile.

This targeted customization is a surefire way to make your promotional gift more appealing to your target customers, which in turn will result in them carrying it around more often. Increased exposure will follow naturally as a result

The Real Worth of Promotional Keychains

If your business is really struggling to keep its budget under control, you may debate whether it is worth investing in any type of promotional gift at all.

While an individual keychain is really very cheap and does not cost more than a dollar or a couple of dollars, when you add up the cost of hundred or more pieces, it can amount to a pretty considerable sum. Should you or shouldn’t you invest in custom keychains?

Several studies that have been done have shown that no matter how stringent your budget, it is far better to earmark at least a minimal amount for smaller corporate gifts rather than not have any giveaways at all.

Take a look at the research findings on how promotional gifts can help boost your bottom line:

  • Promotional gifts resulted in a huge increase in consumers’ brand interest as well as brand impression
  • They are very effective at motivating customers to buy
  • Consumers feel good on receiving them as they believe it shows that the company cares enough about them
  • Customized gifts boost product recall and instill brand loyalty.

Considering the relatively small investment you would be required to make, customized keychains can reap rich rewards and are definitely worth it.

Tips For Customizing Promotional Keychains

liquid filled keyfob

There’s no doubt that customizing your promotional gift with your company name and logo is crucial.

However, while it can be tempting to customize corporate keychains with a whole lot of details about your company, too much of a good thing is not always good.

You may be looking to promote your brand but would your recipients be happy carrying around such an obvious advertisement for another company?

Perhaps not. It is far better to keep the details to a minimum and mention only the most important information including the company name, logo, phone number and website URL.

If you need more information or are seeking further advice and help, please do contact us

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