Say Season’s Greetings with 
Corporate Christmas Gifts 

If you’re in charge of arranging the corporate Christmas gifts this year…welcome! Your task is an important one, corporate gift-giving can help your organisation to:

  • Build client relationships - 83% of people like to receive business gifts.  They’re proven to increase brand awareness and retention.  Christmas gives you the perfect excuse.
  • Show employees you care - They’ll love you for it.  Employee Christmas gifts can increase morale by 75%, according to a survey by Staples.
  • Thank service providers - Show your appreciation to companies and individuals who work hard to help your business succeed.

When deciding on an item, the number one rule is to buy for the recipient, or target market. Think carefully about what they’d like to receive. This could be something practical, a novelty item, or a children’s present.  

If you’re purchasing for clients or potential customers, try to select something that’s relevant to what your company does. When it comes to staff try to reach them on a personal level so they feel valued for their individual contribution.

What Does Your Corporate Christmas Gift Say About You?

As well buying with the receiver in mind, it’s important to ensure the gesture says the right thing about your business.  For ideas and inspiration, we’ve developed a gift list by business characteristic. Choose your corporate Christmas gift, based on the brand message you want to portray, with low-price and high-end options.


Tyre Pencil Case – trendy black case, made from recycled tyres with a coloured zip.

Megastructures calendar – extreme architecture from around the world each month.


Recyclable tote bag - eco-friendly and useful for Christmas shopping.

Eco-leather note pad - useful, attractive, shows you’re a friend to the earth.


Aluminium whistle with key ring – make some noise!

Radio pen – stylish pen with FM radio, supplied in a box with headphones.


Rosewood ball pen - unique gift made from Bugina wood.

Round glass paperweight – in presentation box with engraved logo.


Belluno Leatherette luggage tag – with leather flap to hide the address card.

Pierre Cardin weekly diary - elegant desktop diary. 


Supermini Umbrella - 21" mini umbrella with sleeve, 5 colours available.

USB Cup Warmer - USB powered drinks hotplate.


Smart stylus – in black or silver for use with mobiles and tablets.

Fingerprint USB – secure memory, only unlocked by the user’s finger print.


Le Petite Clock - Round metal designer clock in a presentation tin.

Lordswood business case – timeless, luxury leather document holder.

Four Things to Avoid 

It’s important to give your corporate gift careful consideration. While everyone loves to receive a present, there are a few things it’s best to steer clear of.

1. The mundane

While the festive season is a great excuse to put your name back in the frame, it’s also something that every other business will be doing at the same time. Make sure your corporate Christmas gift stands out from the rest. Think about what you received last year, ask colleagues, do a little research and avoid anything that’s overdone.

2. Edible items 

Everyone loves to receive food hampers, chocolates, champagne - you can never have too much. However, once they’ve been consumed, so has your business message. If you do want to send food/drink items buy something that lasts, with branded packaging. Like our Shortbread Biscuit tin with colour imprint. Technically, food/drink gifts are not tax deductible either.

3. Anything associated with Christmas

Strictly no Santa’s or snowmen.  Not everyone celebrates Christmas and the last thing you want to do is be offensive. Besides, you’ll get a greater ROI if the recipient can use the gift all year round.  

4. The super expensive

People may feel uncomfortable, like you’re trying to bribe them in some way. Plus, gifts that cost more than £50 are not an allowable tax deduction. If you really want to make a statement, choose a unique gift, rather than a flashy one. For example something hand-made (if you can get the quantity), or personalised with their name (as well as yours).

Need more help? Read our general guide to business promotional products

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