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When it comes to promotional products, business promotional pens are second only to wearable items. The ideal promotional product is something that is small, light and useful as well as easy on the budget. Pens tick all of these boxes, making them ideal as corporate gifts.

A study done on the sale of business promotional pens showed an interesting trend.

  • Sales in 2006 = $ 1.87 billion
  • Sales in 2007 = $ 2.02 billion

Now that’s a huge jump in sales in just one year, which shows without a doubt that an increasing number of companies are recognizing the effectiveness of giving out pens as a corporate gift.

Here’s another interesting observation – the sale of business promotional pens is second only to the sale of wearable promotional items. By exceeding the $2 billion barrier, these items have entered a space reserved for only very few, exclusive products.

Extra Pens are Always Welcome

So what is it that makes these pens so very popular as promotional gifts?

Think about how many pens you already own. If you are like most people, you will have at least one pen in your purse or your pocket as well as in your desk drawer, your study table, the kitchen counter and your office cubicle.

Yet, despite already having several pens, do you find yourself hunting everywhere for one when you need to write down a phone number or an address or any other details at the spur of the moment? In such a scenario, another additional pen is always welcome and will never go to waste.

I have received numerous business promotional pens over the years and unlike other gifts that I have given away or just thrown away, I do not remember ever getting rid of a pen. I’ve kept every one of them and every time I reach out for a pen, I’m always thankful to whoever has given it to me. I can never have enough pens.

Brimming with Benefits

Promotional pens offer tremendous value for all types of businesses, no matter what their size.

Affordable: You can find pens in a wide range of prices and your choice will depend upon your business’ earmarked marketing budget. While a thriving business may be able to afford high-end pens that have all the bells and whistles, smaller businesses may find a simpler, cheaper option more suitable to its budget.

I would suggest that you always pick the best quality that your budget allows. You can find some really good quality pens in a chrome or gold finish. They look good and write well. If you can stretch your budget a bit, choose pens that come in an individual case. They make for a classier gift and you can include your brand name and contact details on the case itself.

Extremely versatile: Pens are extremely versatile items in that they offer an abundance of options and they can be given to anyone. You can get pens in an endless assortment of colors and types as well as finishes.

Moreover, unlike most other items that have limitations as to who you can gift them to, you can give a pen to just about anybody, irrespective of their age, sex or culture.

Compact and Lightweight: Their small, compact size and negligible weight makes it easy to distribute pens by any means. They can be distributed as is at trade shows or even packed in envelopes and sent by mail. Because of their small light size, posting them is not very expensive either.

Very Useful: Pens are truly high utility gifts. Whatever the profile of your customers, you can be sure they will find pens useful. Even these days, when most of us use computers instead of pens and notebooks for writing down reminders and shopping lists or writing letters and diaries, we do find plenty of use for pens.

Go to the bank and you will need a pen to fill in your deposit or withdrawal slip. You will need a pen every time you have to sign your credit card slip at a store or at a restaurant. If you do not carry business cards, you will need a pen to write down your mailing address and contact details to give to a business contact.

Extended Exposure for your Business

Companies spend billions of dollars every year on various promotional products with the sole aim of attaining building brand awareness and loyalty through maximum exposure.

The more people that are aware of the products or services that you offer, the higher your potential customer base. Enlisting more business and spreading the word is key and through the years, promotional pens have done just that.

A pen is something that is used regularly by everyone. Every time they use the pen you have gifted them, it gives your business additional exposure, which is what you want.

promotional business pens

With business promotional pens, you know you will never be far from the recipient’s thoughts.

Think of the exposure this can give your business. Irrespective of your industry, promotional pens are priceless when it comes to building brand awareness and loyalty.

Considering their small size and their low price, promotional pens offer tremendous value for all types of businesses, no matter what the size or niche of the business.

If you are interested in finding out more about using this type of promotional product for your business why not contact us.

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