Create An Unforgettable Impact
With Unique Business Gifts

Choose unique business gifts when you are looking for promotional products, is one of the best things you can do is.

After all, your main aim is for the recipient to remember you for a long time and what better to do this than with something unique.

Something that will remind the person of you, and your business every time they look at the gift.

uniquebusiness gift globe rectangle

Giving something that is commonplace certainly does not have as much impact.

Consider this -82% of people can remember the business and brand name advertised on a promotional product.

It’s More Than Just A Nice Gesture

While on the one hand giving away unique business gifts may seem like just a nice little gesture, it is also a tremendously effective marketing tool. There have been plenty of studies done that have proven this point.

One study conducted showed that sending out a sales letter accompanied by a unique promotional product, however small, will gain you a larger client following compared to organizations that send out newsletters without any promotional product. Just receiving a unique gift changed the client’s perception of the company.

Quick Stats

Not convinced that business gifts and promotional products are still a good investment, consider these quick stats.

  • 82% of people love receiving promotional gifts
  • 47% of people want more promotional gifts
  • 55% of people hang onto their promotional gifts, from 12—60 months
  • 90% keep a promotional gift in the kitchen
  • 72% in their work place
  • 53% in the bedroom

These stats tell the real story; people still love receiving and more importantly, are using all types of business and promotional gifts.

Unique Gift Ideas

There is an ever increasing variety of eco friendly products available, from

  • recycled natural leather keyrings
  • coasters, business cards and luggage tags to
  • recycled desk accessories made from car tyres
  • personal accessories such as umbrellas, sports bottles, baseball caps, bags, trolley coins, whistles, badges and
  • lanyards made from recycled plastics plastics and
  • products such as notepads and pencils made from recycled paper.
unique gift ideas die stamped steel

Other unique items include glassware, crystal and china; home and personal accessories and travel and leisure activities. Personalising these gifts can transform even a traditional item into an extraordinary gift that will impress anybody who receives it.

Tips For Cutting Down The
Costs Of Your Unique Business Gifts

So you know the importance of making good choices and picking high quality products that are useful and durable. This also means you should expect to pay a little more and unique business gifts will typically come with a higher price tag.

However, the good news is that you do not have to blow your marketing budget. There are ways you can get what you want well within your determined price point.

  • Try and find one multi-purpose, versatile item that can be given to all your customers. The larger the quantity that you order, the lower the individual unit price is likely to be.
  • Trim your list or categorise your customers. Get separate gifts for your loyal customers, potential customers and for visitors.
  • If you planning to ship the items to your customers, choose your product carefully so you do not spend unnecessarily to ship the items. Items that are heavy, fragile or oddly shaped typically incur heftier shipping charges. Choose light compact items that can be packed and shipped without any risk of being damaged.
  • Browse the internet for unique business gifts. Today, no one can deny that shopping over the internet can be a far easier and more convenient option. You then have a larger variety of products available, prices may also be much lower than anything you’d find from traditional sources and you get delivery right to your doorstep.

If you still need further advice or help, or would like to ask us a question - please contacts us.

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