Cheap USB Flash Drives

A USB flash drive is a portable data storage device with a flash memory and an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. The design was patented in 1999 by an Israeli company, and was available in the marketplace 1 year later, with a maximum storage capacity of just 8MB. In 2013, the device can hold up to 512GB - with a 1TB version expected to be available shortly.

Business promotions

You can buy cheap USB flash drives from around £3 each including personalisation with your logo and message. They’re available in many forms including multi-functional USB sticks that are also pens, watches, and even laser pointers. There are novelty versions in various shapes and bright colours, which light-up during transfer. Or, you can spend a little more on deluxe drives that are fingerprint secure and can only be accessed by the recipient.

Store your info

The best reason to choose USB flash drives for your promotion is that fact you can load them with information. You can store things like brochures, price lists, buyers guides, and even videos on the stick, as well as having your logo printed on the exterior. The marketing possibilities are endless.

·        If you’re a software company, you can upload free demos.

·        Training providers can include course notes and videos.

·        A travel retailer could load-on a selection of e-brochures.

·        If you offer business services you can include descriptions and price lists.

·        A restaurant could store menus and printable discount vouchers. 

·        Graphics companies could give potential clients a free desktop screensaver.

Marketers can upload research reports and advice guides to demonstrate their expertise.

Research proves effectiveness

You’re at a trade show....imagine if you could hand prospective buyers a stick containing all your info, for them to read later at their leisure. Not only does this look highly professional and forward-thinking...but you’ll dramatically reduce your printing costs. Paper sales aids required will be minimal. The buyer won’t lose or discard your information and you’ll stand out from the sea of paperwork, brochures and promotional plastic bags.

Voted #1 promo gift people most want to receive

Buy cheap USB flash drives for your promotion and give a gift your potential customers actually want to receive.  45% of people would prefer to get a promotional USB flash drive more than any other product, according to 2011 research conducted by ActionPoint Marketing Solutions.

Ranked #1 item that recipients keep the longest

63% of people keep USB sticks longer than any other promo item, according to a survey of 1000 business people carried out by Relevant Insights (RI) in 2013. The longer someone keeps an item, the more they’re exposed to your message and the likelihood that they will use your business is increased.

Second most effective in compelling people to act

31.1% of people agreed that USB flash drives were more likely to motivate them to take action (RI survey cited above), second only to food hampers at 43%. When you consider a luxury hamper will cost considerably’ll get a much better return with a cheap USB flash drive.

What you need to know before buying cheap USB flash drives

Don’t be swayed by discount prices. 
Cheap USB flash drives have lower storage capacity and longer file transfer speeds.  In this day and age, we move around high volumes of data, and some devices are simply not fit for purpose. Don’t blow your budget buying inferior quality goods which reflect badly on your business.

Protect yourself. As with all electronic goods, the wholesale USB stick market is made up of Chinese imports and quality varies immensely.  Choose a reputable supplier, look out for items that are individually tested, and if possible get a guarantee.

Always put function first.  Many cheap novelty USB flash drives have poor internal circuitry, and are less durable than standard versions.  USB sticks shaped like people, vehicles, and even vegetables may seem like a fun idea - but it costs more to produce these unconventional designs and quality is often compromised to keep prices at a certain level. 

Plan ahead.
  If you decide to load your own data, make sure there’s a large enough storage capacity on your stick.  Ideally with plenty left over, this will prevent the recipient deleting your item to get the extra space.

Test before you commit.
  Ask the supplier for a sample and test it, make sure the USB can store the capacity, see how long it takes, unplug it and make sure your files are still there.

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