Wholesale Promotional Products
Price Guide

Are you in search of the best supplier for wholesale promotional products? If so, we’ve put together a must-read guide to pricing to help save you time and get the best ROI from your promo.

Price per item

So you can easily decide which items will be within your budget, here’s a list of some of our most popular promotional products. We’ve included the cost of basic and high-end versions, so you can compare prices. Minimum order quantities apply; costs are based on lowest available quantity and will decrease accordingly.

Coasters - 10p for card coaster, up to 92p for clear acrylic with paper insert, both are full colour.

Pens - from 13p for a plastic ball pen to £3.17 for an executive Parker Jotter in a gift box.

Notepads - 24p for A7 budget pad, up to £1.99 for a wired A5 book with a 250gsm card cover.

Key rings - 33p for embossed foam, 58p for a trolley key, up to £2.90 for a luxury chrome key fob.

Confectionary - 49p business-card shaped mint holder with mints, £1.98 for gourmet jelly beans.

Stress balls - 74p basic sphere, £1.39 house-shaped.

Tote bags - £1.05 for basic 4.5oz cotton, up to £3.85 for 7oz nylon with rope handles and LDPE backing.

Diaries - £1.18 for a basic pocket planner to £2.66 for an A5 week-view desk diary.

Mugs - from £1.91 for a basic plastic mug, to £3.23 for Windsor bone china.

Glassware - £2.41 for a simple high ball glass, £3.70 for a modern champagne flute.


Unless specified, wholesale promotional product prices include standard 1 colour printing or engraving.  If you require multi colours, or multiple areas printing (eg name/logo, marketing slogan on reverse) extra charges will apply. 

Many wholesalers will quote an attractive ‘from’ price but once you’ve added on extras, you’ll be extremely disappointed. Rather than wasting your time looking at prices on the internet, it’s better to contact professional companies for inclusive quotes, including printing, delivery, VAT etc.


Talking numbers

Lower value wholesale promotional products require higher order quantities and vice versa. The number you require will naturally depend on the scale of your promotion and how you intend to distribute products. Carefully calculate what you’ll need.

Too little

If you’re standing at a trade show or hosting an event - the last thing you want to do is run out of product to push your business. Consider how many people attend, how many staff you have to hand-out freebies, and round-up numbers just in case. If you have a few wholesale promotional products left over, it’s not the end of the world…but you’ll kick yourself if you’re short on the day.

Too late

On the other hand, you don’t want to end up with stuff you can’t shift. If you have a retail store, giving customers a free tote bag is a great way to encourage loyalty and increase brand awareness. However, if you sell luxury items and have a low footfall, it could take you years to distribute 2500 bags. You may be better rethinking your promo and going for a higher-value gift which requires lower order volume.

About quality

You’ll see that prices vary immensely…and that’s not just because extras aren’t included. When it comes to the quality of wholesale promotional products, they can be as different as night and day. While you may be looking for the cheapest possible supplier, the last thing you want is to have your name attached to a shoddy, substandard item. Not only does it create a bad first impression, but completely defeats the object of the excercise. 

The whole idea of this strategy is to give potential clients/customers something they will like and use. If your offering is regarded as disposable rubbish - a pen that writes badly or a stress ball that loses its shape…you may as well throw your promo budget down the drain.

See samples

Always get a sample before you commit - even if you have to pay to have a selection of wholesale promotional products delivered. As well as scrutinising the quality of the item itself, you want to make sure that printing/engraving is up to standard.

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