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personalized mugs

Personalized mugs have all the traits that you would look for in a corporate gift. They are useful, long lasting, durable and economical. Moreover, they are versatile in that they come in several different materials and colours and they also offer a lot of space for inscribing your message.

It’s no wonder then that so many companies are choosing to use personalized mugs to promote their brand.

Mugs Are A Popular Accessory In Any Office

Walk into any office during business hours and you will see that at any given time at least a couple of employees will be drinking some sort of beverage from a mug.

It has become almost a way of life for office employees who will take regular walks to the refreshment station and get themselves a drink just to break the monotony of sitting at their desk.

In a scenario like that, the potential exposure of personalized mugs is endless. Imagine if just a couple of employees were using your personalized mugs to hold their favourite beverage. Every time they passed by their colleagues they’d be reminded of your brand. No other promotional gift can be that effective at that price.

The only other way to get such repetitive exposure is by hiring a sales person to continuously interact with your customers. This would mean paying out a salary every month in addition to a whole lot of perks. This is an expensive proposition.

With mugs that have been personalized you can connect with your clients for a long time without repeated incurring costs. Now that’s effective advertising without busting your budget.

What’s interesting is even those who don’t usually drink tea or coffee would still find such items useful and be delighted to receive one of these mugs.

These can be kept on their table and used as a pen and pencil holder or to hold their little knick knacks.

Challenge Your Imagination

personalized mugs coffee

What I love about using mugs as promotional tools is that there is so much space to play around with.

You can go to town with creating exciting designs that will attract people and cause them to stop and take a look.

Think bold designs and bright colours that will arouse people’s curiosity and interest in your products.

Of course, to achieve your advertising objective you will have to think about how to incorporate your company logo, name so that they are not overshadowed by the design. You want people to notice your name as soon as they set eyes on the mug.

Additionally, when you have so much space at your disposal, why let it go to waste? Consider including your company slogan or your personal message along with your contact details, especially your website address.

A call to action asking clients to visit your website can result in many people visiting your site out of sheer curiosity and once they get there, you never know, they may just get hooked!

Benefits to Consider

The major benefits of using mugs that are personalized for promoting your company are that in addition to being versatile and effective, they are also much more economical as compared to most other marketing strategies.

Their additional space allows you to add a whole lot more details that you would never be able to include in any other types of promotional gifts.

If you are still looking for ideas or need help with your next promotion or event, please ask us a question

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