Personalized Business Gifts
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Personalized business gifts are one of the most cost effective ways of sending out your message to the people who matter the most - your existing customers, your prospective clients and your employees.

These are the people who count. They are the major contributors to your success and it pays to keep your name in the forefront of their minds.

personalized business gifts

I agree that there are several ways that you can get your message out to everybody but from my experience, personalized business gifts create the most impact at the least expense.

How Personalized Business Gifts Help

Giving personalized business gifts can help you stay in touch with everybody connected to your business. It can help establish new relationships, acquire all important referrals, show appreciation to loyal clients for their continuing patronage, mend hurt relations and build customer loyalty.

Considering the huge significance of personalized business gifts, there are certain rules that you should adhere to in order to ensure that your business gifts are effective and not just a waste of money.

Basic Gift Giving Rules

These are the people who count. They are the major contributors to your success and it pays to keep your name in the forefront of their minds

personalized business gifts bottle opener

There are several factors you need to take into consideration when choosing personalized business gifts.

The first thing you need to think about is how much you can afford to spend.

Once you have established a budget, you need to find a gift that is most appropriate and within that budget. Gift giving in the business world can be tricky.

There are several dos and don’ts that govern this custom. When done right, it can be the best way to boost sales and increase employee productivity. However, if you don’t do it right, it can cost you business and mar your reputation.

Here are a few basic rules that govern all corporate gift giving.

  • Always choose items that are practical and useful so you know they will be utilized by the recipient. Gifts that will sit on their desk or anywhere in the office are always a good choice as your name and contact details will always be right there in front of them. Some useful gift ideas are paper weights, pens, letter openers, note pads and keychains.
  • Never compromise on quality. It is better to pay a little more and get a better quality item rather than gift something that looks cheap and tacky. If the person is too embarrassed to use your gift, it is not going to serve your purpose and will just be a waste of money.
  • Look for durable products that will last longer, giving your brand name more exposure over an extended period of time.
  • Unless you know the person very well, avoid giving corporate gifts that are too ostentatious. Some business associates may feel uncomfortable about accepting such extravagant gifts as it may make them feel they are indebted to you in some way.
  • Again, unless you know the individual on a personal level, avoid giving any type of religious items as they could offend someone if it goes against their beliefs.
  • When giving apparel, place your logo discreetly. While everybody appreciates items of clothing, whether it is a sweatshirt, ball cap or a jacket, nobody really looks forward to being a walking advertisement for your company.
  • Risqué items in the form of lewd or obscene calendars, curios or printed posters or are an absolute no-no in business. In fact, most companies have policies in place banning these from the work place as it could be viewed as sexual harassment and could land the company in a whole legal mess. Most companies also have ‘no alcohol’ policies in place so check before you wrap it up for gifting.
  • Other items that are also considered in bad form are any items representing love or any sayings or logos that can be misconstrued as racist.

How To Reduce The Cost
Of Business Gifts

Personalized business gifts will definitely cost more than generic corporate gifts but what a difference it can make!

There is no doubt about the value of personalizing your promotional gifts even if you have to pay a little bit more. Instead, there are other ways that you can save.

Two of the best ways to save on your corporate gifts is by buying them online and always ordering large quantities at one time, but again make sure that you check the quality of the item before you commit to buy.

I hope that this information will help inspire you with ideas for your next promotion or event.Don’t forget that we have over 16yrs experience in a wide range of promotional products including business gifts, and across many different sectors.

So if you need further advice, help or have a question please contact us, we're happy to help you!

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