Personalised Shot Glasses

In business, personalised shot glasses can be used in a variety of promotions to boost sales and increase the visibility of your brand.

Designed to hold a single or double spirit measure, the shot glass is used to drink vodka, gin, rum, tequila, schnapps and liqueurs - straight-up. Legend has it they were invented in the Old-West, when cowboys traded gun cartridges (shots) for a small amount of whisky. However, shot glasses from before the 1940s are very rare; the more likely explanation is that the word shot is simply used to describe the small, yet powerful dose.

Here are some clever ways you can use them in your bar, nightclub or restaurant.

Round Hot Shot Tot Glass
Conical Shot Glass

Special offer shots

Run a special promotion on shots, giving away a free personalised shot glass with every round of 4. Try a chaser night, offer a special-offer beer and chaser and let them keep your logo glass. Have a theme night with different tipples from around the world, or introduce a shot of the day - both a fun way to encourage people to try more exotic spirits and liqueurs.

Signature shooters

A shooter is a mixed drink that contains two or more alcoholic beverages, served in a slightly larger shot glass. They can be blended or layered to add visual appeal. Create a signature shooter for your bar with colours and flavours that complement your brand. Present in a shot glass with your logo, which they can keep as a souvenir.

Complementary liqueurs

Round-off the dining experience at your restaurant, with a delicious courtesy liqueur that complements the dessert. Serve in a branded shot glass which diners can keep as a memento of a fabulous evening.

Dessert shots

Shot glasses can be used to serve a collection of mouth-watering miniature desserts like chocolate mousse, lemon sorbet, or raspberry parfait. Decorate with fruit, sprinkles, cream, or cocktail picks and serve as a trio. Or, choose one ingredient served in different ways like chocolate brownie, cheesecake, and pudding served in your logo shot glass.

Wholesale shot glasses

Engraved 'Big Shot' Tot Glass

We offer a complete range of bar and catering accessories to suit all your business needs. Items can be customised with your name, logo and marketing message. Personalised shot glasses are available in different styles, sizes and colours. Made from plastic, glass, or crystal, printed or engraved with your message.

Tall and slim -
Our Islande Vodka Shot Glass is a tall design with a chunky base which holds a double measure (60ml), perfect for liqueurs and layered shooters. It is priced from £3.53 per unit, including one colour printing of your logo.

Flared - Our Flared Personalised shot glass holds a single measure (35ml) and is ideal for full flavoured spirits. The flare allows the liquid to spread over the tongue to appreciate the character of the beverage. It is available engraved and individually boxed from £3.59.

Decanter set - Our Mini Decanter Gift set makes the perfect corporate gift. Made from the finest lead crystal, it includes two personalised shot glasses, with engraving on all three items. It is supplied in a luxury satin-lined presentation box, from £ 17.82.

Other glassware

We offer personalised wine glasses, whisky tumblers, tankards, and highballs in a variety of sizes and designs. Choose from glass or crystal, and our unique ColourCoat glass which can be ordered in any pantone colour to suit your brand.

Coasters - there’s over 26 designs to choose from in our custom coaster range. Available in card, cork, leather, acrylic, PVC, metal and glass, from 10p per item including branding for your bar or restaurant.

Bar accessories - we offer a full range of customisable bar equipment including cocktail decorations, bottle openers, t-shirts, key rings, waiters’ knives, and wine gift sets. As well as smoking-related items such as custom lighters, matches and ashtrays.

For events - if you’re holding a party, promotional event, or theme night, we can provide everything you need for a successful bash. Including personalised shot glasses, banners, signs, balloons, gifts and novelty products.

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