62% of People Feel a Personalised Gift Shows you Care More

Market research experts Lab42, surveyed over 1000 people about their gift wishes in 2012.  92% said they’d like to receive a personalised gift, 69% said they’d rather receive this type of present than any other.

There you have it…custom gifts are a winner, guaranteed to put smiles on their faces.  People love them because they’re:

One of a kind

When an item is printed or engraved, it’s completely unique.  Uniqueness is an indicator of value, so your one of kind present will knock the spots off other generic gifts.

Made for them

It’s actually made especially for them…containing their name and perhaps a special message.  You cannot say this about any other off-the-shelf gift.

More thoughtful

You have to put more thought and effort into a personalised gift.  Thoughtful gifts are always well received, valued and appreciated.

Buyer benefits

As well as bringing delight to the lucky recipient, you’re saving yourself a lot of hassle.  There’s no need to keep yourself awake trying to remember whether it’s football or rugby, Wii or Xbox.  A simple personalised pen will be cherished and well-used because it’s got their name on it. 

Nor do you need to trawl the High Street in the rain, you’ll get much more choice when you shop for personalised gifts online.

Gift ideas and inspiration

With the advent of the internet, there’s lots of choice out there, with a myriad of different items available for customisation.  Here are some gift ideas to help you in your search.

Classic - choose something timeless like a custom photo frame, luggage item, watch or clock, so it never goes out of fashion.

- many people prefer useful gifts, rather than luxury items.  A wall-calendar, brightly-coloured umbrella, t-shirt or travel accessory make great choices in this category.

- mini speakers and novelty clocks are fun gifts you can customise. 

– you can personalise mouse mats, mice, USB sticks, styluses, tablet covers, and laptop bags.  Or look out for clever gadgets like Wi-Fi detectors, USB cup warmers, or solar powered chargers.

– Put your own stamp on a tin of mints, jelly beans or biscuits.  Everyone loves confectionary, especially at Christmas…plus they can keep the tin long after the goodies have gone.

- Engraved glassware makes a lavish, sophisticated personalised gift.  Champagne flutes for example are extra-special, and can be used at every celebration.

- personalised mugs and key rings are simple and inexpensive, yet well-used.

7 Personalised gift buying tips

1. Don’t leave it until the last minute
- the only downside with personalisation is it takes longer, some items are customised buy hand.  Don’t expect next day delivery.

2. Buy bulk -
can you find a supplier who’ll do you a deal on custom gifts for all your friends, colleagues, clients?  If so, you could take care of everything in one fell swoop…yet everyone gets a unique present.

3. Don’t base decisions on price
- quality varies immensely, some retailers use cheap sub-standard products and printing can be of poor quality.  If you’re buying business gifts in large volumes always see a sample first.

4. Use a reputable company
- so you’ll be able to trust in the quality of the item and the printing or engraving.  Check feedback and testimonials before you commit.

5. Photographs
- use the largest size images you can for the best clarity.  Follow the retailer’s size guidelines to the letter, if you’re unsure call them and ask before you place your order.

6. Triple check
- spelling, grammar, dates, if you get it wrong it isn’t the suppliers fault and you’ll be stuck with an unusable gift.  Also, check the item thoroughly when you receive it, in case they’ve made any errors.

7. Be sure
- Don’t rely on distance selling laws, you may not be able to send it back if you don’t like it.  A personalised gift is not normally refundable; check the retailer’s terms and conditions. 


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