Personalised Gift Ideas
The Ultimate List

Here we’ve compiled a personalised gift ideas guide to help you in your search for the perfect present and where you can find recommendations by budget, gender, personality and relationship.  The ultimate buying resource if you’re looking for custom gifts, covering 17 different categories.

By budget

When you’re buying customised items, the price will be higher.  Before you get carried-away, make sure you know the full cost of the gift.  Engraving is often charged by letter and printing by number of colours or photos.  Then there’s VAT and delivery.  Suppliers will often advertise a low cost initially, but then you’ll find there are other extras, so bear this mind when comparing prices.


·        Confectionery - chocolates, mints, biscuits or jelly bean tins
·        Personalised mugs - universally loved
·        Photo key rings or engraved key fobs


·        A wall calendar or diary
·        Laptop or tablet cases, backpacks or sports bags
·        T-shirts, caps, umbrellas


·        Parker pen set
·        Engraved champagne flutes
·        Luxury leather wallet/purse

By gender

Important emotional differences between men and women are reflected in the giving and receiving of gifts.  Research shows that gents prefer practical presents, which will last.  Whereas ladies love unique, meaningful items they can treasure.  Here are 3 personalised gift ideas for him and her:

For him

·        Mobile phone/tablet accessories
·        Personalised USB stick
·        Messenger bag

For her

·        Photo book or calendar
·        Moleskin note book and pen
·        Luxury weekend bag

By personality

The best personalised gift ideas are the most thoughtful.  You’re already getting top-marks for choosing a bespoke gift…but you can make it extra special by selecting an item that suits the recipient’s style.  Write down 3 ways to describe the person you’re buying for, then check below for a match.

Glamorous - lip balm, compact mirror, beauty case.

Sporty - pedometer, gym bag, stainless steel sports bottle.

Techie - mouse mat, tablet cover, USB flash drive pen.

Fun-loving - shot glass, novelty clock, mini loudspeaker set.

Adventurous - compass, silicon wrist watch, Swiss army knife.

Conservative - desk diary, pen set, wall clock.

Home-bird - slippers, coaster set, glassware.

Pragmatist - wall calendar, tool set, luggage.

By relationship

Struggle to buy for certain people?  Custom gifts are already unique, if you have 15 colleagues and acquaintances to buy for at Christmas, consider buying the same item, with the individual recipient’s name.  You may be able to negotiate a discount and everyone still receives a present that’s one of a kind.  Here are our personalised gift ideas based on relationship. 


·        Tote bags - for shopping together
·        Sports bags for hitting the gym
·        Travel speakers for music on the go


·        Fingerprint secure USB flash drive
·        Leather photo frame for their desk
·        Glassware - engraved with their name


·        Confectionary in a personalised tin
·        Coffee mugs with individual names
·        Novelty or luxury key rings


·        High quality polo shirt with company logo
·        Stylus Pen for use with a mobile phone or tablet
·        Wrist watch, desk clock or weather station

Now, a few quick tips on securing the best bespoke items…

1.  Shop online - as you can see from our personalised gift ideas…there’s not much you cannot customise these days.  You’ll find multitude of retailers online selling everything from hand-made crafts to specialist corporate gifts.

2.  Make your search specific - use our gift ideas list and decide what to go for, then search for specific items.  Otherwise, Google won’t return the best results and you’ll end up spending hours browsing.

3.  Use a reputable retailer - so you can be confident in the quality of the gift and the printing/ engraving.  Check testimonials and feedback.  If you’re buying in large quantities be sure to see a sample first.

4.  Read T&Cs
- it’s important to get it right when you order bespoke goods because most companies will not offer refunds.  Check the terms and conditions and make sure all spellings are correct.

5.  Buy all your gifts from the same supplier
- you may be able to negotiate a bulk order price.  Even if they won’t budge, you’ll still save yourself the time and hassle of buying from multiple outlets.

6. Keep it simple
- one final word of advice…the best personalised gift ideas are often simple items, we use every day.  Don’t worry about being imaginative or unique; it’s the personalisation that makes the present special.

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