Personalised Champagne Glasses

Since the 17th Century, when the European aristocracy spread the word about the sparkling wine from Champagne, bubbly has been associated with wealth, luxury and opulence. Personalised champagne glasses are an elegant and sophisticated gift, made one-of-a-kind with individual printing or engraving.

Reserved for celebrations and special occasions - there’s no better corporate gift than a glass designed to toast business successes. Giving personalised champagne glasses, means your company is associated with prosperity, good times, and exuberance. It’s the perfect statement to make to clients and associates, and a jubilant and memorable employee gift.

Selecting champagne glasses

To drink champagne is an experience - the cork explodes from the bottle, you pour the sparkling foam into the glass, feel the fizz on your lips, and savour the delicate bouquet. The type of glass you choose can enhance the look, texture and flavour of sparkling wine. Here’s an overview of the different glasses available, so you can select yours like a pro.

The coup

The glamorous coup or saucer, was designed in 1663, and later popularised in the 1930s. Its broad surface area means that bubbly loses its fizz quickly. Therefore it’s not considered the best way to appreciate champagne. Nor, is it an ideal choice for a personalised glass, because the short bowl doesn’t give you much room for printing or engraving.

Mayfair Lead Crystal Champagne Flute

The flute

The traditional champagne flute is a stem glass with a tall, narrow bowl. The purpose of the design is to retain carbonation by reducing the surface area at the opening. Carbon dioxide, released by the bubbles, collects at the top of the flute giving the taster a pleasant tingling sensation on the nose. The long bowl has visual appeal too - allowing to you to watch the bubbles travelling up the glass. 

The tulip

If you’re buying personalised champagne glasses for an aficionado, choose the tulip shaped flute - considered the best way to appreciate the qualities of a fine vintage. The flute is a narrow and straight-sided vessel, whereas the tulip has a wider bowl which curves inwards to the mouth. This gives more space for swirling, allowing more aeration within the glass, and focuses the aromatics towards the nose. 

The trumpet

A contemporary variation of the flute glass with a flared rim, like a trumpet or bell.  The attractive design has tasting advantages too.  It directs wine to the tip of the tongue where sweet flavours can be savoured.  It also spreads the liquid on the tongue for deeper appreciation of the delicate bouquet.  Choose this style of personalised champagne glass if the recipient prefers sweeter sparkling wines.

Crystal or glass

Crystal has a higher index of refraction than glass, giving it greater sparkle and enhanced clarity. Using a crystal flute enhances the qualities of sparkling wines, enabling visual appreciation of the fizz and foam. As well as presentation, crystal actually improves texture.  Microscopically, its surface is rougher than ordinary glass, allowing more bubbles to form.


Personalised champagne glasses can be printed or engraved with your company name or logo. In the case of employee incentive gifts, or to make a special gesture to an important client - you may wish to have the individual recipient’s name etched on the glass instead. 

Here’s an overview of our collection, with brief description, personalisation options, and wholesale prices.

Basic - Savoie
Savoie glasses are economically priced making them ideal for large-scale promotions. The modern style flute has a straight-sided bowl containing 215ml, with a shorter more robust stem. They’re priced at just £3.70 per unit, including 1 colour printing.

Contemporary - Michael Angelo
This 175ml lead crystal flute is a contemporary design, with a long bowl and elegant stem that tapers towards the base. Personalised champagne glasses include inverted engraving on the side and a luxury presentation carton, from just £7.15.

150ml Jasmine Champagne Flute

Elegant - Jasmine
Our graceful Jasmine flutes have a trumpet shaped bowl which holds 150ml, with an inverted rim, and a decorative knop design on the stem. Glasses are supplied gift boxed, priced from £7.25 including sandblast engraving, individual personalisation is also available.

Luxury - Mayfair
Our most luxurious personalised champagne glasses - made from the finest quality lead crystal, with a stunning diamond pattern cut into the bowl, and a long tapered stem. They can be sandblast engraved with your logo or the name of the recipient, from £8.60.

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