The Best Office Promotional Items

Choosing office promotional items is a sound marketing strategy.  Research has found that over 50% of us have 3 or more promotional products on our desks, or in our offices.  30% have 4 or more products.  This survey, carried out by Relevant Insights LLC for the BPMA in 2013, is based on the responses of 1000 business-people who had received promotional gifts.

·        94% remembered the advertiser who gave them a promotional product.

·        66% kept their gifts for at least 6 months.

·        50.5% said they would like to receive products more often.

·        39% said they were more likely to use a business which gave them promotional items.

Why are office items such a powerful promotional tool?

1.  Usefulness

People love useful gifts and office promotional gifts like pens, notepads, calendars, mouse mats, USB sticks are handy to have around.  Because these items are practical they’re well-used and kept for long periods of time.  This means potential clients are exposed to your brand name more often and you get a greater ROI. 

2.  Location

These convenient gifts are designed to be used in the place we spend the majority of our time - work.  That’s 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of potential exposure. If your target market is B2C, then you may be interested to know that Brits spends an average of 43 hours a month online…many do so while sitting at a desks in their offices at home.

3.  Availability

Imagine you’re at the office and you’re normal supplier can’t deliver, or you’re in urgent need of repair services.  You look down at your desk and the answer is staring you in the face…you’ll call that nice company who sent you a cool calendar last year.  Office promotional items allow you to be in the right place, at the right time.

4.  Reciprocation

Promotional items are effective because people are compelled to reciprocate when they’ve been given a gift.  Couple this with the fact they like your company more, and see your name frequently…it becomes a recipe for success.

Which office promotional item is the most effective?

Research shows that we like certain branded merchandise items more than others.  The amount we like an office product tends to be directly proportionate to how useful it is to have around.  The following 5 are definite winners - proven to be the most commonly kept gifts in business.

1.  USB sticks

Voted as the number 1 gift we’d like to receive, this item is a good choice because as well as at the desk, it’s kept on your person.  So, there’s potential for multiple people from different offices to see your name, every time data needs to be stored or accessed. 

2.  Mugs

Studies have shown mugs are the most successful office promotional item because they’re used so often.  How many cups of tea or coffee to you go through in a day?  2, 3, 6..?  Every time someone uses your mug your name is visible.  We always have our favourites…so invest a little more in bone china or go for an unusual shape to ensure your mug is loved and noticed.

3.  Pens

Pens are a good choice because they’re cheap and available in a multitude of styles and colours to suit your brand.  From a classic Parker pen, to a fun novelty pen, you can make a statement about your company with the type you choose.

4.  Calendars

Everyone loves to receive a calendar and the beauty about this gift is – it’s used all year.  Glossy photographs attract attention and interest, and your name is unassumingly visible.  When they turn over to a new month, they’ll be reminded of the company who thoughtfully sent it to them.

5. Mouse mats

You cannot go wrong with a good quality mouse pad.  It sits there visible, on the desk top, for all to see.  With a wrist rested on it for long periods of the day, it’s hard for anyone to ignore.

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