Leather Photo Albums
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leather photo albums

Leather photo albums speak volumes about your company without having to say a word. If, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine the story that would unfold when looking at the pictures in any album. And more so, if that photo album were made of leather!

The Difference That Leather Makes

While all albums do the same function of preserving our photos, leather photo albums have a certain quality that you would never find in an album made from any other material.

Leather has a classic appearance. It spells class and sophistication. What’s more, unlike other album materials that look torn and worn after several people have looked through its contents, leather albums look more and more graceful with age.

Their smooth, even exterior gets more creased and crinkled with age and the creases only add to the overall character of the album.

Everybody Would Love to Own One... Or Two... Or Even More

There’s nobody who wouldn’t just love to have an album or more than just one to hold their most precious memories. Most other albums that are available are nothing out of the ordinary.

They will not evoke any compliments from family and friends as they thumb through its contents. In fact, in many albums, the only difference lies in the picture on the front and hind covers.

On the other hand, a photo album that is made from leather is in a class by itself and you know that everybody who sees it is going to admire it. They also come in various finishes and colours so it would be very rare to find many people who own similar looking albums.

What Makes Photo Albums
A Popular Corporate Gift?

Corporates who have done their research will all agree that photo albums are a hot favourite as a promotional item, especially when they are personalized.

Imagine all the people who will set eyes upon your company name and details as they are admiring the leather before thumbing through the album.

With leather albums, people are sure to stop and admire the quality and the workmanship and will be curious about the company that has given away such a high quality gift.Everybody knows that only a company that has class would give away such as sophisticated gift.

The Cost Factor

promotional leather photo album

Sure, you should expect to pay more for any leather item, including leather photo albums.

These are upmarket items and their price will reflect that.

But there are three effective ways that you can bring down the overall price of these products.

1. Consider giving out medium or small sized leather photo albums as corporate gifts instead of giving out the largest size you can find.

2. Shop online. You will find that prices online are much lower than offline prices for the very same item. Don’t skimp on quality and ask for a sample to be sent out before you purchase.

3. Buy large quantities at one time. Almost all vendors will give you a pretty sizeable discount when you order a large number of albums at one time. They may also include a bonuses or other perks.

Thats pretty much about it, I hope that this information will help inspire you with ideas for your next promotion or event.

When it comes to leather photo albums, for the value that they add to the reputation of your company, they are worth every penny you pay so worth considering as a promotional gift.

If you still find that you need further help, advice or would simply like to ask us a question please contact us.

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