Leather Corporate Gifts
Promote Your Brand In Style

Leather corporate gifts exude elegance and class.

When you give away an item made of leather, the immediate impression it will create on your recipients is that your company is classy and whatever products or services you are offering will be of the highest quality.

leather corporate gifts

This is what every company wants and this is where you know you will be a sure winner when you choose leather promotional products.

Suggestions for Giving Away
Leather Corporate Gifts

Some promotional gifts such as pens and key chains can be given away to anybody irrespective of their age. However, with leather gifts, there is a much wider assortment of diverse items available. Some of the items are appropriate to all ages, whereas some are more appropriate for certain age groups.

Leather gifts that can be given away to all ages include leather alarm clock cases, calculator cases, key chains and leather post-it note holders.

If your target audience is young, you should consider giving out leather corporate gifts that are fun and exciting as opposed to serious and somber.

Think funky wallets, quirky mouse pads or USB covers and unusual key chains.
A thermos wrapped in leather or a leather business card holder would be more appropriate for business executives. These also work well as gifts of appreciation for your employees.

Giving your employees such classy items made of leather shows that you acknowledge and appreciate their contribution towards the success of your business.

Other ideas for leather corporate gifts for employees and for business executives could include:

  • leather notepad holders
  • coin purses
  • or photo albums.

A leather manicure set case makes a great gift for female clients as well as female staff.

A Few Things To Think About

leather scorecard holder

If you are considering giving away leather gifts, you should ensure that you only choose high quality products that are well made, well designed and sturdy.

Giving out leather gifts and then choosing poor quality items will just go down badly with your clients and is more likely than not to be counterproductive.

Another thing you will want to do is to personalize the items. Leather promotional products that feature your brand name and your core message are really good for advertising your company, and you should make use of this opportunity to boost brand awareness and recognition.

When personalizing corporate gifts, make sure your logo is placed strategically so it is easy to spot and recognize.

Looks Expensive But Isn’t Necessarily So

Whenever I’ve spoken to companies about giving out leather promotional products, the first reaction I get is that they do not even want to consider it because these items probably cost too much and would be out of their budget.

This is a completely wrong notion. The truth is, items made from leather look very expensive but if you shop smart, you can find some excellent products at very reasonable prices.

One way that you can find some fantastic deals is by shopping online. You will find that most items, including leather items, are priced much lower when you buy them through online outlets, but be sure to check the quality of the product.

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