Embroidered Hoodies and Sweatshirts

The hoodie or hooded sweatshirt was first produced as work-wear in the 1930s. Popularised by hip-hop culture in the 1990s, it became highly fashionable sports gear. The hood was glamourised by designers, celebrities, skaters and surfers, making it a wardrobe essential across the world.

Embroidered hoodies are used by a variety of different organisations - companies, sports facilities, schools, colleges and clubs. Here’s an overview for wholesale buyers, with product recommendations and prices.

Russell authentic hooded sweatshirt. A premium garment made from 3 layer 80/20 cotton polyester fabric, for a cosier feel.

Branded business uniforms

Did you know, warm workers work better? One study at a large insurance headquarters found that when the office temperature increased from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, productivity increased 44 per cent and typing output 150 per cent. The problem is…temperature control in the work place can be difficult.

Those who sit by the door where the draft comes in are too cold, and others find it too hot. Layered clothing is the ideal solution. Embroidered sweatshirts and fleeces will keep all your employees warm, comfortable and happy. They’ll ensure you always project the right image. And, you may even be able to save money by turning the thermostat down a couple of degrees.

Our business uniform sweaters are affordably priced from just £6.52 per item. This is for a Fruit of the Loom 280gsm sweatshirt made from 80% cotton with extra-soft Belcoro yarn, and includes 7000 stitch embroidery. Embroidered hoodies are a more fashionable alternative, with prices starting from £7.99.

Tradeshow wear

Exhibition halls are notoriously cold…many visitors don’t even remove their outdoor coats. Promotional t-shirts may leave staff shivering at your stand, presenting a poor image to clients and customers. Your employees will be happier, relaxed and more productive with the right clothing.

Pairing an embroidered hoodie or fleece with a custom polo is the ideal solution, so staff are prepared whatever the temperature. Alternatively, sweatshirts can go over the top of employee-own clothing. Your business will look highly professional and staff will be at their very best, ensuring you get the most out of the event. 

Promotional sports gear

Embroidered hoodies are a great promotional tool for sports related businesses. If you’re a gym, health club, sports shop, or online retailer, you can use branded merchandise in a variety of ways to boost revenue. Hoodies are ideal as free gifts, incentives to boost sales, for event giveaways and competition prizes.

A hoodie has a high perceived value which will delight recipients, creating an extremely favourable impression of your business. Our promo hoodies cost as little as £7.99 for a basic hooded sweater with a draw cord and front pouch pocket. It’s a walking advert for your sports business, guaranteeing a handsome return on your investment.

School uniforms and college

If you’re looking to buy school or college uniforms, we offer a complete range of styles, colours and sizes for all ages. Basic sweatshirts for children start from £5.49 each including embroidery of your school badge or crest - our high-quality Gildan Children's Heavy Blend Crewneck sweater is made from air jet spun yarn for increased softness, with twin needle stitching for extra durability. We also offer Jerzees and Russell Schoolgear with special features for enhanced performance and easier care.

Children’s embroidered hoodies for P.E. and sports start from £7.69 each - our Fruit of the Loom kids hoodie has a double fabric hood and pouch pocket, with no draw cord making it fully compliant with current European legislation.

Gildan heavy blend vintage full zip hooded sweatshirt

Embroidered hoodies - ideal sportswear for teams and clubs

Our best-selling basic Gildan adult Hoodie is available from £8.89, with a choice of 29 different team colours. Or, choose a contrast version for added interest from £10.89, with a colour-contrast jersey lined hood.

Make a statement with our vintage style embroidered hoodies - the full zip hoodie is cross dyed with 2 different shades in a range of classic colours like Tweed and Russet. Spend a little more on our high end Bella Canvas hoodie, a unisex full-zip tri-blend sponge fleece made for optimum performance, priced from £18.59.

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