Custom Wine Glasses

A 2013 survey of 1000 people on behalf of the BPMA revealed that - 3 in 10 consumers will switch brands to receive a promotional gift. If you’re considering using custom wine glasses in your marketing efforts, then you’ll also be interested to know:

·        39% said a custom glasses giveaway would persuade them to shift their loyalties.

·        25% reported they currently have and use branded promotional drinking glasses.

·        31% per cent would use devious means such as gaining uninvited entry to a venue or event, to get promotional glasses.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at McDonalds who regularly exploit our desire for free glassware, with frequent promos.

A Nation of wine drinkers

The UK has become the World's biggest consumer of imported wine. In 2010, Britain drank 1.765 billion bottles. And, since 2007 Britons have spent more on wine than the French. White wine is the most popular, with 60.5 million cases consumed in 2009 compared with 58.7 million cases of red.

A large-scale survey by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association revealed that wine is our favourite alcoholic drink - 34% of us prefer vino, compared with 27% beer, and 20% spirits. At dinner, wine is the second most preferred beverage after water.

Marketing opportunities

Research proves that custom wine glasses are not only a highly desirable product, they’re used frequently. This means they have great marketing potential. A quarter of us are already using them to consume 7.06 billion glasses - that’s a lot of exposure!


Custom wine glasses are the perfect way to promote your bar or restaurant. You may wish to kit out your entire bar with branded glassware to create a strong brand identity and enhance memorability. You can also give them as gifts at events, use them in wine promos to boost sales, or sell them as souvenirs.


There are many ways producers can use bespoke wine glasses to promote their unique brand. If you supply wine bars or restaurants directly, then be sure to include a selection of free custom glasses for lots of exposure. If you have a shop you can sell them as souvenir gifts, and they’re great for prizes at tasting events.

Corporate gifts

Wine glasses make the ideal corporate gift. Symbolic of sophistication and good taste - they’ll send out the right message to important clients and suppliers. Your employees will also be highly delighted to receive luxury glassware to show you value their contribution. Glasses are available individually wrapped in presentation boxes and can be engraved with your message.

Wholesale prices

Red Wine Glass - Our Jasmine glass has beautiful detailing on the stem and is available from just £5.45 per unit, including individual sandblast engraving and gift box. 

Contemporary Crystal - Choose from our Michael Angelo collection: an elegant, minimalist design with a tapered stem. Flutes are available from £5.25, and goblets £5.94 including inverted engraving. 

Cut Crystal - Our deluxe Mayfair custom wine glasses are made from the finest lead crystal, with beautiful diamond cut detailing at the base of the bowl. They can be sandblast engraved with any logo or message, £8.60 per unit, minimum order 6. 

Champagne flutes - Our Savoie flute is a modern style glass with a long bowl and straight stem designed for sparkling wines, priced at £3.70 including 1 colour printing.


Wine related gift ideas

Waiter’s Friend - a corkscrew and foil cutter, with laser engraving on the handle priced at £2.59.

2 Piece Wine Gift Set - includes a sommelier knife and bottle stopper supplied in an attractive wooden gift box, with printing on the plaque from £5.19.

Bergerac Wine Bottle Set - contains a cork-screw, drip catcher and pouring spout. Supplied in a black, bottle shaped rubber casing, individually boxed and printed from £6.09.

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