Custom Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is a versatile smart-casual shirt. It is more formal than a t-shirt, yet more relaxed than a dress shirt. Hence the reason why custom polo shirts have proven to make ideal work wear.

Did you know…? The polo shirt was invented in 1926 by tennis champion Rene Lacoste. Fed up of feeling uncomfortable in traditional whites, he commissioned the making of a custom shirt in loose knit cotton with short-sleeves and a soft collar. A year later, Rene AKA ‘the crocodile,’ added the world famous croc motif. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that polo players began using the garment, and the name polo-shirt stuck.

So just like with Rene and his tennis whites, polo shirts help employees to feel comfortable and relaxed, while employers present a professional image.

Gildan DryBlend Polo Shirt with personalised embroidery

Why smart-casual works

For many years, dressing for success in suits and shirts was the norm. Clothing is a status symbol which was used to present a sleek and sophisticated corporate persona. These days, companies are more aware of the many business benefits of adopting a casual approach.

  • Employees appear more friendly and approachable to customers - generating more leads and increasing sales.

  • Casual dress projects the image of a modern, forward-thinking and responsive company.

  • Team leaders and managers are on a more even keel with staff - increased approachability leads to better morale.

  • A relaxed environment encourages team-bonding and can boost creativity.

  • Custom polo shirts are cost-effective, both for the employer who provides the uniform, and to the employee who would have to purchase their own business attire.

Polo buyers tips


Cotton is a natural, soft and breathable fabric but does have its disadvantages. It doesn’t wash or wear as well as synthetic fibres. Polyester is water, stain and stretch resistant with properties which reduce warping, shrinking and creasing. The main downside is it doesn’t feel as nice as cotton. A blended custom polo shirt will give you the benefits of both.

Fabric weight

Wholesalers will normally list the fabric weight which is a good indicator of quality. The heavier the fabric, the more wear you’ll get from it. This is measured in grams per square metre (gm2/gsm). Usually a standard weight polo shirt material would be around 170 - 180gsm and good heavyweight polo can range from around 210 - 280gsm.

Pique polo shirts

Pique is a type of weaving where raised parallel cords create a waffle-like texture. Generally, shirts are thicker than other knit fabrics, with a good ability to ‘wick’ moisture away from the body. Hence the technique is commonly used in sportswear and casual clothing.


A polo shirt should have a rigid collar, so it stays looking smart. A 3-ply collar will be stronger and more durable than a 2-ply. Look out for collars that are taped, this also helps to maintain shape.


The key to quality custom polo shirts is great embroidery…this means great design. Choose a company with a professional design studio and work closely with them during the digitising process.

Wholesale polos

Here’s an overview of our range. Each shirt featured is available in men’s and women’s sizes, with an array of colours to choose from. Prices are for white custom polo shirts, including embroidery up to 7000 stitches.


The Gildan Dry Blend Pique is our most affordable polo shirt. It is a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend which uses DryBlend technology to wick moisture away from the skin. The 211-220 gsm polo gives you high durability at a value price from just £5.49 per unit.


Our Russell Classic polo is a 65% Polyester, 35% ring-spun cotton pique at 210-215 gsm. The unique double yarn gives the fabric an ultra-soft feel, which also aids shapes retention. It has neck tape, reinforced shoulders and double-stitched hems. The shirt has exceptional wash/wear performance and is priced from £7.25 per item.


Kustom Kit St. Mellion Polo Shirt

Top-quality Kustom Kit St. Mellion custom polo shirts are made from a 100% combed Cotton Pique at 210 gsm. The shirt is stylish with contrast colour tips to the ribbed collar and cuffs and contrast colour on the plaquet (section of material where the 3 front chest buttons are). The heavyweight designer shirt is priced from £10.49. 

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