Which Custom Embroidered Shirt?

There are 2 types of custom embroidered shirt commonly used for business uniforms. Here’s a brief overview of each, with advantages, disadvantages, examples from our range…and 5 must-read tips for buyers.

Casual - polo shirts

An embroidered polo shirt is a smart-casual work wear option. With a collar and buttons, it’s more formal than a basic tee, for a smart and professional look. Yet the loose knit fabric is much more comfortable to wear, for happy and relaxed employees. The polo gives you the best of both worlds - creating the impression of a friendly, relaxed and modern work place.

You can purchase custom polo shirts in an array of styles and colours, with something available to suit all budgets. Prices start from around £6 per item for a basic version, up to £15 for a long-lasting, heavyweight shirt.

We offer a Fruit of the Loom Pique Polo in a choice of 15 colours. The 170-180 gms easy-care shirt is made from a 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend. The pique weave makes the fabric more durable and breathable. It’s available from £5.69 per unit including embroidery (up to 7000 stitches).

Formal - embroidered shirts

Without thinking, we make snap judgements about people (and businesses) based on appearance, and a ‘proper’ shirt creates the very best impression. If you believe in the idea of dressing to impress, only a traditional collar and cuff shirt will do. Clothing is after all, a symbol of status. Smart attire presents a sleek, sophisticated, professional company image.

Like polos, shirts are available in different styles, colours and fits. The disadvantage is that they are much more expensive, starting from about £12 each. It’s also customary to buy short and long sleeve versions for the summer and winter.

Our Kustom Kit range includes short and long-sleeved embroidered shirts for men and women in 14 different shades. They are priced from £11.29 per unit inclusive of embroidery. If you’re looking for a premium custom embroidered shirt, choose the Russell collection. Shirts are made from 100% cotton fine micro twill, an easy-iron fabric starting from £20.99 each.

5 Must-read buying tips

1. Cotton isn’t always best

When it comes to work-wear, 100% cotton isn’t always the best choice. Cotton is preferred because it is a soft and breathable fabric, it’s also a natural material - so you don’t need to worry about allergy sufferers. But synthetic fibres make shirts more durable and resistant to wear, washing and creasing. A blend combines the advantages of both.

2. Consider laundering

Look out for easy-care features - like anti-crease, easy-iron, drier-safe fabrics. Avoid viscose/rayon, it is more prone to creasing and difficult to iron. In today’s hectic world, your employees will thank you for a hassle free uniform that’s easy to look after.

3. Be careful when comparing costs

The ‘from’ price is designed to give you an idea, there are various add-ons for design, extra stitching, and multiple-colours. You’ll also need to factor in VAT and delivery charges. The best approach is to contact a handful of reputable suppliers for inclusive quotations. From this you can compare quality, service, and cost before making your final decision.

4. False economy

If you’re searching online, you’ll find many different shirts at varying prices, which may at first glance seem the same. Just like anything else, you get what you pay for. There’s no point buying the cheapest shirts if they have to be replaced every 2 months. The weight of the fabric is a simple marker of quality; suppliers will show this in grams per square metre (gsm or g/m2), the higher the better.

5. See the embroidery design first

These days creating a custom embroidered shirt is almost an entirely automated process. The important part is the digitising stage - where your logo is turned into a pattern for the machine to read. Therefore, the quality of embroidery depends on the design and the software used to create it. Before you commit, ask the supplier to provide a mock-up or an embroidered sample.

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