Crystal Corporate Gifts

Crystal corporate gifts are highly desirable. The material, prized for its decorative properties, has a higher index of refraction and internal reflection - making it so much more beautiful than glass. With enhanced clarity and greater sparkle, crystal gifts are an exquisite choice - symbolic of affluence, elegance and sophistication. 

Did you know?

  • The word crystal is derived from the Ancient Greek krystallos, from a derivative of kryos which means ice.
  • Decorative crystal does not possess a crystalline structure; it is simply a type of glass that contains lead.
  • Lead glass is referred to as crystal because the Venetian word cristallo was used to describe the crystalline glass developed by Murano in the 16th Century.
  • You can tell the difference between the two with the tap test, when tapped crystal gives off a high pitched ping, whereas glass makes a dull, low pitch sound.

Crystal corporate gift ideas

Choosing the perfect gifts for clients, employees and suppliers isn’t easy.  When you’re investing in crystal corporate gifts, it’s important to select the right item. Fine glassware is a classic and timeless choice, but some items will suit your requirements better than others. We’ve provided details of some our crystal lines for inspiration.  

Champagne flutes

Our elegant Mayfair Champagne Flutes are made from fine crystal, with a tall, narrow bowl and graceful tapered stem. Cut in a traditional decorative diamond pattern, they make the perfect corporate gift for celebratory occasions, priced from just £8.90.

Whisky tumbler

Our Mayfair Tumbler is ideally proportioned for generous measures of malt whisky and other spirits served on the rocks. The classic lowball, old-fashioned glass is patterned with an exquisite diamond and fan cut.  Supplied wholesale from £8.90.


We have a range of crystal tankards designed for the ale enthusiast, holding 40cl or 0.4 litres of beer.  Choose from soft round bodied or traditional Steiner shaped.  We even offer a real ball set in the base for golf-lovers.  Each is elegantly cut with a decorative pattern on the base, body or handle, available from £12.45.

Decanter set

Our mini decanter comes with two shot glasses, packaged in a luxurious satin-lined presentation box. The decanter allows aeration to bring out the flavour of brandies and single malts, with glasses for two that hold the perfect drinking measure. Each item in this crystal corporate gift set is individually personalised or branded from just £17.82.


A paperweight is traditional gift, designed as a decorative (and practical) item for the desk top. Choose the finest optical crystal to wow your lucky recipients. Our range includes square and octagon cut, as well as domed magnifying crystal paperweights designed to create interesting patterns and reflections, from just £7.76 per item.


Our Arch Clock is a splendid crystal corporate gift for esteemed clients and employees. The graceful arch mantle clock is made from the finest crystal, with a delicate time piece available in your choice of gold or silver. Sold individually at £ 29.12 including engraving, the clock makes an exclusive, highly-prized gift as a symbol of respect and veneration.


We have a full range of awards and trophies to mark employee achievements and milestones. From our contemporary Optical Crystal Block Award Plaque priced from £14.64, to our luxury Rotating Globe trophy on a black crystal base at £36.15. Available in a myriad of shapes including ice-berg and star column designs, in clear, cobalt blue or jade green.


The most efficient method of etching a design onto crystal is sand blasting.  Compressed air forces a stream of fine abrasive material through a nozzle to precisely carve lettering or figures.  Where appropriate we also use laser engraving. Etching or a process which involves creating ‘glass decals’, made from finely ground glass. This results in an interesting, slightly raised effect to the detail and logos (this is the same process used in decorating glass Pyrex dishes). All our crystal corporate gifts include sandblast engraving or glass decals (method used depends on product) of your business name and logo.  Additionally, they can be personalised with the recipient’s name, making an extra special, truly unique present.

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