Corporate Logo Gifts Guide

Corporate logo gifts come in many forms - everything from humble mint tins to luxury luggage items can be branded and given to clients, customers, suppliers, and employees. 


Prospective clients

Research has proven that promotional gifts are one of the best marketing mediums.  In one large survey by the BPMA, 94% of business-people remembered advertisers who had given them gifts, 50.7% agreed that gifts motivated them to take action.  

When buying for potential clients, select lower-value corporate logo gifts.  It’s better to choose a token item, so it doesn’t come across as a bribe or sweetener. Your gift should create a favourable impression and successfully portray the values and characteristics of your company.  Practical items that can be used around the office are always a winning choice, such as stylish pens, USB sticks or wall calendars.


Current clients

The same study revealed that 58.6% of people believe corporate gifts invoke loyalty, 64% said they made them feel appreciated. 

When buying for your existing clients, the more thoughtful the gift, the better the effect. Selecting something based on their personality, preferences and hobbies will show you value the relationship, strengthening the bond with your organisation. 

Of course, you may not know them personally. If that’s the case, do a little research and check out their online profiles. If you’re buying for a department or company rather than an individual, ask yourself what type of organisation it is.  What are their values?  How would you describe them? 

You may wish to consider buying something that can be shared, or multiple gifts which can be distributed to key personnel.


Thank you gifts

Saying thank you is important and there’s no better way to do so, than with corporate logo gifts. As well as showing your appreciation, you’re giving the recipient a little something they can keep around the office, as a reminder of your good business relationship. Confectionary, personalised mugs, desk clocks or photo frames are all a great way to say thanks.

Christmas presents

Xmas comes just once a year.  In the corporate world, it’s a time to make impressions, show you value your clients and customers, and thank suppliers for their support. Corporate logo gifts achieve this, and keep your name in the frame throughout the year. 

The key to Christmas gifts is to choose something unique, so yours stands out from all the other items the company may receive. That’s not to say you have to choose an off the wall novelty item or gadget, but something distinctive in style, design, or colour.

Logo considerations

·        A gift is meant to be for the recipient so branding should be discreet. 

·        The shape and design of your logo may restrict the types of items that will work for you.  If you have a complex round shaped logo - it may not work on a small, thin surface area, like a pen.  If you find an item you love, but it won’t really work with your logo, consider just using your name. 

Think about whether you’ll require one, two, three or full colour printing for your logo, multi-coloured printing is normally an additional cost. 


Including a message

Messages make corporate logo gifts more personal. You could use a fun marketing slogan, Xmas greeting, say thank you, or develop something new. Use an inspiring quote, interesting fact or even humour (if appropriate). This can be instead of, or in addition to your logo. For example, a mug could have a motivational saying on the front, with your company name inside, just below the rim.


Some gifts, like mouse mats are ideal for large full colour images. This can work well in some industries, such as travel/tourism, cameras/electronics, graphics/design. If you want to convey a message in image, you may wish to commission a photographer, buy stock photos, or develop custom graphics. Give yourself plenty of time.

Personalised to the recipient

Corporate logo gifts can also be personalised to the recipient, making truly unique presents. For instance, we offer an executive phone rest and a wooden pen and key tag set, where individual names are included at no extra cost. 
Ask us about wholesale personalised corporate gifts

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