Cheap Promotional Pens

Studies have shown that cheap promotional pens are liked, well-used, and kept for long periods of time. Therefore your business benefits from increased visibility, better brand awareness, and greater returns.

The pen is proven to be mightier than many other promotional products.  62% of people have and use a promotional pen according to a 2013 survey by Atomik Research. 

The following statistics are taken from Nationwide BPMA research between 2007-2013. In these comprehensive surveys, data was collected from over 500 business people who had received promotional merchandise.

·        38% of people said they’d be most likely to keep a pen above any other item.

·        43% reported keeping promotional pens for 1 year or more. 

·        94% remember an advertiser who gave them a promotional item after they’ve had it for 6 months.

·        47.1% agreed they’d be more likely to recall an advertiser or message from a pen.

·        23% said promotional pens are carried round in bags and briefcases more frequently - compared with custom keyrings at 10%.

·        62% of people have done business with an advertiser after receiving a promo item.

·        52% of those with promo merchandise on their desk purchase from the advertisers.

12.4% of people have branded pens on their office desks, it is the most prevalent item compared with calendars at 5%.

Picking your promotional pen

Cheap promotional pens cost as little as 13p per item for a basic ballpoint including single colour printing. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right item and supplier for your business needs.


The quality of budget wholesale pens varies enormously, so be sure to see a sample before you order. If you want your pen to be kept for a year or more, then durability is a key factor. Examine the item itself and the print quality. Does it feel robust?  Is it attractive?  How well does it write?  


Budget pens tend to be made from plastic; this means a wide choice of colours will be available to you. For something a little more luxurious - you can get affordable metal pens at around 40p per item. People tend to dispose of cheap pens when the lids get lost, so choosing a push button version is advantageous.


If you want to secure the cheapest pens for your promotion, opt for basic one colour printing. Multiple colours, sophisticated designs, and engraving all costs extra. Consider that a pen barrel only gives you a small surface area for your message. If you want to include your web address, look for a pen that allows personalisation on the clip too.


As a general rule, the lower the product value, the more you’re expected to order. Rather than buying more cheap pens than you need, you may wish to consider a mid-range pen that allows you to order less. If you’ve no plans to change your phone number or address any time soon, you can make significant savings by investing in a high volume.

Tips for getting the best deal

Hunt for bargains

Look out for clearance, special offer and discount promotional pens. These may not be listed on the web so send a cheeky email, explain you’re on a budget and ask if they’ve got anything to suit your requirements.

Get inclusive quotes

The internet isn’t the best place to shop for cheap promotional pens. Item prices can be misleading because there are lots of add-ons you need to consider - design, printing, VAT. Request inclusive estimates so you can compare the overall cost.

Pick up the phone

It’s much better to contact a handful of reputable wholesalers the old-fashioned way, by telephone. You’ll receive a full service, help with item selection, printing advice, and can develop a relationship with the supplier for future promos.

Negotiate a deal

Speaking to the supplier also gives you the opportunity to negotiate. The marketplace is very competitive and many suppliers will match and undercut like for like quotes. Choose smaller, independent wholesalers – they tend to be more flexible on cost.

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