Top 10 Cheap Promotional Items

Looking for cheap promotional items? Need some ideas? We’ve put together a list of the top 10 budget gifts to help you find the best merchandise to market your business. Including interesting stats about product effectiveness (see source notes below), and estimated prices so you can see exactly what items fit your budget.


Cheap promotional pens are available from just 13p each for a plastic ballpoint including one colour printing. A writing instrument is a highly effective promo gift.  In a large survey of over 500 business people, 39% said they’d prefer to receive a pen, and 43% reported keeping promo pens for a year or more. Another study found that pens are more likely to be kept on the recipient’s person than any other merchandise item - so they’ll carry your business message with them.


Cheap promotional mugs are available from £1.26 per unit in various colours and styles. Mugs and cups may be more expensive than other items featured on this list, but research indicates they’re one of our favourite products. A 2011 survey found that 36% of people would most like to receive a mug and 18% reported keeping mugs longer than any other gift.


10% of people carry promotional key rings around with them, second only to pens as the most popular item. The beauty of cheap promotional key rings is the huge variety of designs and styles available to complement your brand. From basic plastic key fobs priced at 24p each, to pen, bottle opener, trolley coin and stress ball keyrings from 39p.


Drinks coasters are one of the cheapest promotional items on our list. Made from an array of materials including low cost card at 10p each including full colour printing, recycled tyres and waste plastics for eco-conscious companies from just 22p, and luxury foil blocked bonded leather from 63p.


We know that people prefer and are more likely to keep cheap promotional items which are useful. A spare bag will always come in handy, and it gets carried round so potential visibility is good. In a 2013 survey, 22% of recipients said they’d rather receive a luggage item. Affordable options include polyester drawstring bags from 71p and cotton totes £1.05.


A logo bug is a small novelty made from a soft pom-pom attached to a fabric tag containing your company name and message. People love to keep them on their desks, making them perfect for an office promo. Give them a furry friend to brighten-up their day - priced from 20p each, animals versions are available too.


An absolutely fantastic and very versatile, yet cheap promotional item. You can buy promotional badges from just 6p for a small 25mm button badge, up to 60p for a hard enamel lapel badge. Be creative with your branding and develop a clever marketing message to ensure yours achieves its potential.


Silicon wristbands are a good choice for advertising targeting women, ideal for a clothing or jewellery retailer and perfect for charity fundraising or health awareness campaigns. Available in a myriad of bright colours they can either be embossed discretely or printed boldly with your message from just 38p. Or, spend a little more on silicon digital wrist watches from £1.25 - perfect for sports related businesses.


No-one can resist free confectionary. A plastic credit card sized container with 11g of sugar free mints is available in an assortment of colours from just 25p. Or a plastic mint cube with 19g at 55p.

Sticky notes

Voted in the top 5 cheap promotional items people keep on their desks, Post-Its or sticky notes are a good office gift choice that keeps your name in the frame. An adhesive note pad will cost around 33p per unit including one colour printing.


·        Prices - all figures quoted include basic personalisation with your company name and logo. Minimum order quantities apply. 

·        Quality - remember that ‘cheap’ looking items can do your reputation more harm than good. Be sure to use a reputable supplier and see a sample before you commit.

Source - research statistics are from nationwide BPMA surveys of over 500 business people who had received promotional items in 2011 and 2013, randomly selected from a database of 15,000.

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